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MyDiabetes provides a number of options for pumping. We can support you starting your pump journey or for your pump upgrade.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring is the bee's knees. Seriously it is! MyDiabetes will work with you to fit it into your life.

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Sensor troubleshooting

Find the right support to match your lifestyle. Do you prefer face-to-face, email, phone calls.
All three? Let's talk!

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Remote consultations


Clinic Consultations

Initial consultation 45-minute $180

Follow up consultation 30-minute $80

About the Medicare Rebate

The Medicare Rebate associated with seeing a Nurse Practitioner does not require a referral from another health professional.

The Medicare Rebate for a Credentialled Diabetes Educator is available under a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. You will need to make an appointment with your GP and request the Team Care Arrangement with five visits to your Diabetes Educator. Diabetes Educator visits are limited to five per calendar year.


Private Health Insurance

Some insurance providers (depending on your level of cover) will cover some of the consultation fees for a Diabetes Educator.