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Diabetes requires a certain type of resiliance.

Not only do you have to measure almost everything and know what to do with that information, but you also have to stay up to date with all the current research and modern approaches.

Getting current and accurate information can be hard, with so much that can be misleading and confusing on the internet.

This page is a space to help you access information to help you make decisions and learn about the stuff that helps.


What is the NDSS

The National Diabetes Service Scheme is a Australian Government initiative that commenced in 1987 and is administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.

The NDSS aims to enhance the capacity of people with diabetes to:

  • understand and self-manage their life with diabetes and
  • access services, support and subsidised diabetes products.

For more information about how the NDDS helps you, check out their site here.


Diabetes and schools

Do you have a child living with diabetes who is going to school or childcare?

Perhaps you're an educator looking for more information about a child in your care who lives with diabetes.

It is essential that children living with diabetes are able to participate equally at school in all activities.

Some facts:

  • Managing type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 job.
  • It impacts everything a child does from what they eat, to the sport they play, to sleepovers and even playtime.
  • Families of children living with diabetes can feel under significant stress as they do everything they can to keep their child safe and healthy – especially when they go to school or are in childcare.

Fear not! education and training are avaliable!

The Diabetes in Schools program (funded by the Australian Government through the National Diabetes Service Scheme) has been established to give families and schools the education and support they need to help kids with type 1 diabetes thrive at school.

Teachers and support staff should begin their education journey through video-based modules and follow up with hands-on training to help kids with type 1 diabetes.

Following the 2 levels of online education and training staff should receive face to face child-specific training as diabetes can be managed very differently depending on age, type and individual choice.

The program provides 3 levels of training for schools:

Level 1

Introductory training is designed for all school staff and provides basic information about students living with type 1 diabetes. The training includes three short online modules.

Enrol in module here!

Level 2

Intermediate training is designed for designated school staff who volunteer to be directly involved in supporting students with type 1 diabetes. Training is available via nine online modules (for all schools) or via group education workshops (in some states). Training covers type 1 diabetes and food, monitoring glucose levels, insulin, managing lows and highs, physical activity, school camps and planning for changes. Training is general and is not specific to the needs of individual students.

Enrol in online module here!

Level 3

Individualised Skills Training is designed for designated school staff and focuses on the individual student’s type 1 diabetes management. This practical face-to-face training is delivered in the school by MyDiabetes.

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