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At MyDiabetes we offer a comprehensive insulin pump service.

If you're starting your journey or ready for an upgrade, we can provide solutions that are efficient and effective.

What is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump is like a puppy.  It's not just for Christmas.  It will need attention and time.

Unlike a puppy, a pump can improve your diabetes management.

An insulin pump is:

  • A small battery-operated electronic device that holds a reservoir of insulin,
  • About the size of a mobile phone and is worn 24 hours a day,
  • Delivers insulin into the body through thin plastic tubing known as the infusion set that connects to a small cannula that inserts just below the skin surface (like the depth of an insulin injection),
  • Worn outside the body, in a pouch or on your belt, and
  • Uses only fast-acting insulin.

How does a pump work?

  • Whenever food is eaten the pump is programmed to deliver a surge of insulin into the body similar to the way the pancreas does in people without diabetes.
  • Between meals, a small and steady rate of insulin is delivered.

If you need to purchase a pump check out this blog that helps navigate the terrain.

I want a pump!