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Continuous Glucose Monitoring. How does it fit into my life?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring is big news.  The government is now providing subsidised access (through the NDSS) to many more people. Technology is moving at a rapid rate and everyone producing the gear wants your business.


So how do you choose?


Making this decision can be confusing.  Every company that produces technology will tell you that they are superior and seeking advice from an expert clinician can lead to a confusing conversation about comparisons in the accuracy of the technology.

This is where you come into the picture, CGM is about improving your life.  In any decision, your lifestyle choices should be at the centre of the conversation quite simply because you are the person living with diabetes.

My recommendation is that you go into any conversation with that in mind.

At MyDiabetes, your needs, your decisions and your life sit at the centre of any discussion. Book in for a consultation today.

What kind of technology is available?


Check out these websites to read about the industry-leading technology available:

Libre - Flash Glucose Technology

Medtronic - Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Dexcom - Continuous Glucose Monitoring